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Coral Feeding - Part 2 - My Favorite Prey

As i shared in my earlier post, different corals eat different types of prey. Large Polyp Stoniy (LPS) can easily be fed some mysis and other meatier food. But what about Small Polyp Stony (SPS) and other specializes coral.

For those , I often resort to Phytoplankton - Its a very good source of food. Phytoplankton form the base of marine and freshwater food webs and are key players in the global carbon cycle.

Most SPS eat Phyto, but not all. Some prefer different strains. Struggle is most pthyo blends in market is for fish like Clownfish rearing. In my experience, corals, esp SPS rarely go for that. Dry Phytoplankton blends is better option. For that i highly recommend Julian Sprung's Two Little Fishes dried Phyto foods.

Marine Snow is another source of food that I like. It reproduces the special biogenic suspended matter found in natural seawater. It is great for for filter-feeding corals that feed on particulate and dissolved organic matter, phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Particulate Foods -- Although i prefer liquid food, over particulate food for corals, if one were to want to feed particulate food, then i recommend soaking it in water for a long time. Suspended style feeding is key for particular food. That means, flow needs to be off. In my opinion, Thats the only way feeding Particular food is effective.

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